Concrete Silos

Hoffmann, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in the design and construction of reinforced concrete silos. By utilizing both jumpform and slipform techniques in the construction of our concrete silos, we can offer you a variety of options. Jumpform construction can be used with silo diameters ranging from 9 feet to 110 feet. Slipform construction offers even greater versatility with unlimited diameters and configurations. Our largest slipform silo has a diameter of 146 feet.

Since Hoffmann's expansion into industrial bulk storage silos, we have built over 440 silos throughout the United States. Whether your storage needs are big or small, Hoffmann provides quality construction. Our experience offers you the confidence and versatility needed to complete your project in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner.

Why choose concrete silos?

Longevity – strength of reinforced concrete storage silos:

  • can be designed to resist abrasive wear
  • withstand impact loads
  • provide environmental protection for the product stored
  • have no height limitations
  • provides a smaller footprint than flat storage
  • have a large storage capacity
  • have faster unload rates for side discharge
  • eliminate payloader expense, maintenance costs, and reduce labor costs
  • secure placement and storage of equipment on the silo roof

Why choose Hoffmann concrete silos?

  • Our sales staff offers size recommendations with budgetary pricing
  • Registered in-house engineers, design staff, and drafting services
  • Incorporate your new storage silo(s) within your existing facility
  • Project communication is directed to one project manager for timely responses
  • Efficient construction schedules with trained construction personnel and specialized equipment
  • Full-time safety director and dedication to a safe work site for our employees and customer
Reinforced Concrete Silos - Hoffmann, Inc.