Concrete Chimneys

At Hoffmann, Inc., we specialize in the design and construction of reinforced Concrete Chimneys for US markets. Cast-in-place reinforced concrete chimneys are designed for specific project requirement. Our experience offers you the confidence and versatility needed to complete your project in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner.

By utilizing both jumpform and slipform techniques in the construction of our Concrete Chimneys, we can offer you a variety of options. Jumpform construction can be used with chimney diameters ranging from 9 feet to 110 feet. Slipform construction offers even greater versatility with unlimited diameters and configurations. Either technique can be used to build a tapered or plumb chimney.

Why choose Hoffmann concrete chimneys?

  • Registered in-house engineers, design staff, and drafting services
  • Project communication is directed to one Project Manager for timely responses
  • Efficient construction schedules with trained construction personnel and specialized equipment
  • Full-time Safety Director and dedication to a safe work site for our employees and customer
Reinforced Concrete Chimneys - Hoffmann, Inc.