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concrete Silos, Chimneys, and Steel Stacks
Concrete Storage Silos

Hoffmann, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader of cast-in-place, reinforced concrete storage silos, industrial concrete chimneys, and steel stacks.

Concrete silos are designed and constructed to store many types of products. Our concrete silos are offered for individual or multiple installations featuring several types of loading/unloading systems.

Concrete chimneys are designed and constructed as tapered or plumb for specific project requirements with various types of liners.

By utilizing either jumpform or slipform construction techniques, Hoffmann offers you a variety of options for your concrete structure.

Steel stacks may be supplied in a large variety of configurations. Design, fabrication and erection services are offered for any size of steel stack required for domestic use or export.

Upcoming Tradeshows 2014

February 4-5, 2014
MGFA - Booth 301
St. Cloud, MN

February 16-17, 2014
gfai - Booth 139
Springfield, IL

February 22-25, 2014
GEAPS - Booth 1725
St. Cloud, MN

April 29 - May 1, 2014
Coal prep- Booth 1206
Lexington, KY


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